K Town Creamery

Welcome to K town Creamery

We’re a small, home-based, family run creamery, churning out small batches of our exquisite ice cream daily, just for you.

Want to celebrate? We’ve got you covered. Feel like having something sweet? We have what you need. Wanna chill and zone out? We have exactly what you need! Had a busy day? Melt it away with your favorite flavour. But then again, do you really need a reason?

Our ice cream is made using whole milk and quality ingredients and our very own recipes. So when you open a tub, you know you’re not just eating any ice cream, you’re experiencing a wonderful mix of technique and flavour that have been brought together to create a delectable dessert, just for you.

K Town Creamery Rich & creamy homemade ice cream

Order now to experience the most delicious ice cream you have ever had – because you never  really need a reason to enjoy ice cream.

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